Guide to Sex and Love in the Time of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has affected everything throughout the world. Whether it’s meeting with friends, going to beaches, or any other public place. Do you remember the old good times when people used to meet, date, and chit chat in the bar next door?

Every life has changed post coronavirus outbreak. Since the virus gets transferred through human to human transmission, people are even speculating about how to have sex during this period. Many researchers and doctors have spilled their beans on this concern of society these days.

The “NOVEL” Coronavirus

First of all, why this virus is called a novel? Because it is a new one. There are not many kinds of research and studies on this virus that can comprehend what spreads this virus even more. People are just advised to maintain 6-foot distance from each other and wear a mask in public places.

But what to do in when you’re with your partner in a closed room? Are you not supposed to have sex at all? According to the doctors and researchers alike, this virus spreads through human fluids. These fluids can be transmitted through respiration droplets that include sneeze, cough, and saliva.

Coronavirus Is Not A Sexually Transmitted Disease

Though it is advised to not get sexually involved with anyone you don’t know and maintain distance even with your permanent partner. But it is not yet proven that this virus can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

But that doesn’t mean you are safe to have sexual intercourse with anyone. It can spread through respiratory droplets while you kiss or lean closer to your partner. A person contracted with the virus can have no symptoms at all when it is in the asymptomatic stage. So, be careful.

What To Do To Not Catch The Virus And Still Enjoy Being Intimate With Your Partner?

  1. You can enjoy with your live-in partner but only if he or she is not immunocompromised.
  2. Be careful of mating with someone new. That said, you should avoid dating for some time now. As you don’t know this new person, there’s a possibility of carrying the virus by the new chic date of yours.
  3. Since this virus can spread through human bodily fluids, it can also be spread when you are kissing someone. So, cut back on kissing as much as you can.
  4. According to a study, coronavirus can also be spread through fecal matter. If you want to stay away from this virus, you should avoid anal play during this period. Not just the anal play though, you should avoid having anal sex. If you can’t resist, simply use condoms, lube, etc.
  5. Another important tip is to keep your faces away from each other. To make this possible you can try poses that don’t involve face to face contact. For example, doggy style, reverse rider on top, lap dance, wheelbarrow and more.
  6. Pro-tip for a long-distance relationship couple – try phone sex or sexting. This can save you from the pandemic sex blunder. Talk dirty to your partner over the phone or use texts to your advantage. A virus cannot stop you from maintaining the spark in your relationship.

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