Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Tea is the second most-consumed drink in the world after water. It is prepared by mixing boiling water either with processed leaves or with fresh leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. There are many tea types such as Milk tea, Black tea, herbal tea, organic tea, and Green tea. But Green tea has recently taken people’s preference because of the health benefit it contains.

Green Tea:

Green tea comes from unoxidized leaves that are very lowly processed and hence, store the benefit of plant compounds called Flavonoids named Catechins, which work as an antioxidant for the body. It helps treat blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and help in treating cancer diseases. It is also popular tea for weight loss.

Health benefit of drinking Green Tea :

  1. Rich in catechins

Green tea is rich in catechins because of its faceless treatment. Hence carry more antioxidants, which has strong medicinal value that helps in treating many diseases. It controls cell damage by lowering the ratio of free radicals in the body.

  • Weight Loss :

Canned drinks, soda, or even milk tea contain calories. If one wants to reduce the weight, Green tea is suggested by gym trainer s or health professionals. The active compound it contains help in reducing the weight along with exercising.

  • Stimulus Brain Function

When one feels sleepy during work hours or study time, it is recommended to go for tea. But did you know that tea containing caffeine but green did not contain caffeine and boost the body spirit and stimulate the brain function. It also helps in stopping the brain age and protects against diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

  • Helps in Cancer Ailment

Green tea helps in controlling the free radical, which is flowing inside the body. The antioxidant helps in boosting the medicine flow. However, many researchers have been going on, but there is no evidence of treating cancer with Green tea, but it surely helps fight during treatment.

  • Calming Effect

A limited intake of Green tea does not create any indigestion problem or bloating, or nausea. The soothing effect of the tea helps the body during stress. Green tea has a calming effect on slow down the metabolic rate. It also helps in flushing out the toxin.

  • Fighting Various diseases

There are many health problems most people in today’s scenario. The good habit of Green tea helps to protect against many infections. It lowers the cholesterol level hence lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also helps in reducing the blood sugar level by creating insulin resistance. Hence also helpful in controlling type 2 diabetes.

Summary :

No tea help fully recover the body from diseases, but the habit of Green tea protects you from many upcoming and ongoing diseases. But there is a limit to everything. Drinking mindfully and limited use is a good habit. While preparing Green tea, don’t add too high boiling water because it decreases the antioxidants’ level. Adding lemon to green tea helps in the absorption of compounds. One needs to take care of these too.


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