Musicians With Hearing Loss And Tinnitus


Musicians have a risk of hearing loss and tinnitus as they have to deal with high volumes of sound with instruments, audience sound, bass sound, and so on. Many musicians have suffered from hearing loss and tinnitus. When a person is continuously exposed to a high volume of sound, he or she can have hearing loss or tinnitus.

Overexposure to high sounds can damage one’s hearing capabilities. Working on the music industry is a big risk for hearing capabilities. In their extensive career, many musicians have faced hearing loss and tinnitus. Some of it was permanent while somewhere temporal. The music industry is very vulnerable to sounds, and the musicians are at risk of hearing loss and tinnitus.

Musicians with hearing loss and tinnitus – things to know

 As already mentioned, musicians are the ones who are most vulnerable to hearing loss and tinnitus as they are continuously exposed to high volumes of music. People love music, but it can backfire to people who are working in the industry. With loud sounds, the hearing capability can get reduced gradually and may lead to complete hearing loss.

Some of the famous musicians like Eric Clapton, Roger Daltrey, and Huey Lewis have announced that they were affected by hearing loss. Hearing loss is not the only problem; to make conditions worse, musicians can also suffer from tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing sound in the ear. Wearing hearing protection is an effective way to protect the ears from hearing loss or tinnitus. Hearing aids may also help with tinnitus.

Many musicians have recognized the hearing loss problem or tinnitus after many years of continuous performance in the industry. Hearing loss or tinnitus doesn’t come suddenly; it occurs with years of exposure to loud sounds, in the case with musicians. Their careers are brought to an end with the problem, and in the rest of life has to cope with hearing loss or tinnitus.

Young musicians should be well informed about the dangers and problems loud music can cause, and it is advisable to take precautions in the early stage. Luckily musicians nowadays have earplugs and other things to protect their ears compared to musicians of older days. With the advent of technology, hearing loss problems can be overcome with hearing aids, but the problem persists and needs to be taken due care of.

Here Are Some of The Famous Musicians with Hearing Loss and Tinnitus.

  •   Eric Clapton
  •   Neil Young
  •   Phil Collins
  •   Ozzy Osbourne
  •   Barbra Streisand
  •   Bob Dylan
  •   Bono
  •   Sting

All these musicians had hearing loss or related problems. Earplugs are the best things to protect from loud sounds. Many musicians use earplugs to protect their ears. Some of them use it in their personal life while others on the stage.

Many musicians use earplugs full time to help them hear. Things have changed radically from the olden days, where musicians have access to instruments that help them protect against hearing loss and tinnitus.  Once it occurs, it is difficult to regain hearing capability, and the musicians have to cope with the situation’s lifetime. Many musicians have reported that they hear repeated sounds in their ears while sleeping or when alone.

Using earplugs have made many to live normal, with others not noticing the disability. It is hard for a musician to experience this with their life given for music. Musicians are advised to consult an audiologist now and then to keep track of the hearing and other capabilities. Some many books and apps can be used by the musicians to know how to deal with sound and thus avoid hearing loss or tinnitus.

More such music artists come forward and highlighting the issue to address in the music industry. Musicians need to be helped and supported by the problem. The problem can affect their family life and friend circle. It is up to the musicians to take precautionary actions and to safeguard themselves from hearing loss and tinnitus.

Reasons for hearing loss and tinnitus in musicians

Hearing loss affects one perceives sound, but it cannot stop the musician from music. It is highly advised to have the friendship of an audiologist and seek advice before going forward. Musician’s hearing loss is a direct effect of their career.

The very nature of the work environment is like that. Musicians are sometimes exposed to high sound music with minimal intervals and that too for successive days. Many musicians have acknowledged that they should have been more careful and selective in their early careers. Beethoven is the best example of a musician with hearing problems. The main reason for musicians for hearing loss is the effect of continuous loud voice for prolonged hours.

Loud sounds will damage the hair cells of the inner ear. This hearing loss in musicians is termed as noise-induced hearing loss—musicians by profession related to sound exhibit a greater risk of hearing loss than the common public. A sudden loud voice can cause hearing loss in musicians or it can be gradual exposure to loud noise. The latter is more prominent with musicians. It is the prolonged and consistent exposure to loud noise that causes most musicians with hearing loss or tinnitus. Hearing loss is preventable with the help of appropriate hearing aids and other stuff. These are the main reasons for musicians to suffer hearing loss and tinnitus. Musicians must be careful to use ear protection devices and help to protect their hearing capabilities. The reasons can be listed as follows:

  •  Exposure to loud sound
  •  Prolonged hearing of loud sound
  •  Absence of proper protective devices
  •  Ineffective advice or absence to effective consultation

All these are the reasons for musicians to suffer hearing loss and tinnitus. Most of the musicians have problems in the later stage of career. Musicians are always advised to protect their ears with diligence and practicability. These reasons can be eliminated if musicians take proper care and action. Many of these reasons can be avoided with proper care and precaution. In the olden days, there was minimum equipment. That’s not the case now. Experience has taught many things, and the scenario has changed a lot.


Hearing loss is very common with musicians. Because of the prolonged and consistent exposure to loud sounds, musicians experience hearing loss and tinnitus. Many musicians in history had hearing loss and tinnitus—technological innovation replacing conventional music preparations to improve the health of musicians to a better deal.

There are earplugs and other devices that can be used to protect the ears and hence prevent hearing loss and tinnitus. Musicians are highly recommended to consult audiologists and make regular checkups. Many musicians have experienced hearing loss at a later stage of their careers after getting exposed to a high volume of sound for a long time. With the help of devices, this situation can be reduced.

Many after their career have experienced tinnitus while they sleep or sit quietly. Many are the reasons for musicians to experience hearing loss and tinnitus. The most important reason being continuous and prolonged exposure to loud sounds. With the advancement of technology, let’s hope that everything is fine and musicians will have a good time in the future.


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