New Study Details The Best Types Of COVID 19 Face Masks

After COVID-19, the world has already accepted the new normal with face masks, sanitizers, and social distancing. Until vaccines are available in the markets, the world has to learn the details of wearing masks and what type of masks one should wear. Here’s a detail over different COVID-19 face-masks.

Best types of face-masks

There are various face-masks currently available in the market. Let’s check the best-suited ones as per usage.

For COVID patients

A cloth or surgical mask is best for the COVID patient and their caregivers.  The patients sometimes are unable to wear masks for breathing problems when they are ill. But remember, being a caregiver, you can fall ill. Thus, a mask is very important for you. Home-made cloth masks will actually protect you. The surgical mask basically stops the virus to flow in.

For Public

As per the CDC, people are recommended to use cloth-masks because nobody knows who is asymptomatic. Therefore, wherever distancing is impossible in areas like grocery shops or public transport, one has to wear a cloth mask.

What should one actually look for when buying/making a mask?

There are important things one should think about before buying or making a face mask.

  • The cloth material should be highly woven. Densely woven clothes are best if you are making your own make. Also, check the readymade mask before buying. Don’t buy stretchy knitted materials.
  • Using Cotton materials is best. It will help you breathe and also help you protect.
  • A sealed mask is basically important. That is, you have to make a mask that is complementary to your face area. Check so that no air can pass through any sides. This will be more sure.

Here are some myths related to using a face mask, we have tried to bust those myths and offer you a logical explanation.

Myths busted!

There are various myths going on in the market about wearing masks. Let’s clear-out each myth and focus on creating a myth free society that will accept the new normal gladly.

Myth 1: it is Harmful

As per the CDC and WHO people with chronic breathing issues like people with asthma, or heart disease, are requested to not go out of the house because they are done to infection quickly. In a study, 2003 scientists saw that people who wore N95 masks had issues in-breath gas and after a detailed checkup, they found the individuals already had breathing issues. It’s perfectly okay for a normal person.

Myth 2: increase the chance of infection

It’s not totally a myth but the presentation is wrong. If you continuously wear a single mask over a long period of time, microorganisms might start growing inside it because of sweat. It can be checked if one uses the medical-grade mask.

Note: Along with masks, one has to follow the prevention ritual. Wash your hands as many times possible, sanitize frequently, don’t cough openly, better to use a tissue while coughing, maintain social distancing, and always use masks in public places.


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