Proven Tips To Sleep Better At Night

Today’s teens just ignore the fact that night is for sleeping and the day is for work. Our body was created in a way that could file properly and revive itself during the 8 long hours at night when you sleep. As your workload is increasing, nights have become shorter for you. Short nights are bearable but now it’s no sleep at all. Sudden awakening during the nights and after that, you can experience no sleep at all. Does it bother you? You’ve been losing weight? Under-eye, dark circles are bothering you? Are you always distracted, depressed, anxious, irritated?

Trust us, it’s proven clinically, people who don’t sleep well at night are bound to face such adverse effects of not sleeping well, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Here we have incorporated some important tips to have a good sleep at night, right from medical research.

Tips1: Exercise Daily

Exercising can relax your body and mind at the same time. A little exercise daily will keep your heart healthy and release good hormones that will help you to achieve sound sleep quickly. A brisk walk in the morning for 15-30 minutes or Yoga for 30 mins is quite a healthy habit.

Tip 2: Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine at night isn’t your best friend. We know you have a hectic job and need caffeine frequently but consider side effects as well. A lot of caffeine intake will not let you sleep well at night. Especially having coffee or tea in the evening is not a good idea that will prevent your sleeping habit.

Tip 3: Stop using Phone at night

We all scroll through Facebook or Twitter or Instagram accounts at night before we go to sleep. Various studies say, staying exposed to cell phones for a longer period of time at night, it will affect your sleeping habits. Bright light will not let you sleep peacefully even after you keep your phone aside. Remember to leave your phone on the table beside you once you are in bed. It’s better to read a book of any sort before sleeping than using our phone.

Tip 4: Don’t starve yourself

Having your dinner at 8 is the best way to stay healthy but we guess you feel hungry right before you go to sleep. Sometimes if you are hungry, your body is resistant to sleeping empty stomachs, and hence you have sleepless nights. To avoid such situations, have a glass of chocolate milk or a cheese-slice before going to bed. This will keep you full until breakfast.

Tip 5: Bedroom environment is Crucial

Keep your bedroom dark and calm. Some people can’t sleep with lights on, you don’t. Use cool-toned night lights like blue. Use cool colors for the bedroom. Use a white bed sheet. Whites help sleep peacefully and make you mind calm.

Don’t think of your burdens when on the bed. Think of something that soothes you. Light music or earthy sounds like raindrops, insects chirping, instruments, flowing water, etc will definitely help you sleep better. To keep yourself hydrated throughout the day better to drink a lot of water. It’s necessary and helpful for people with sleeping issues.


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