‘Role of exercise and diet in weight loss.’

Weight loss and body

Overweight has now become a widespread concern. No doubt, overweight has its consequences that not only can give rise to obesity but also can invite many diseases. To understand the mechanism of how weight loss works, its important to understand what are the elements that cause this weight gain. Whatever food we consume as many calories. These calories either can be consumed directly or through some nutrients like Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which are the primary source of energy to our body.

Any food we consume, the calories we intake are broke down and are converted into energy or pile up as fats. Now, this excess calories in the body remain the body stored up as fats until utilized. These calories can be reduced either by reducing the calorie intake so that the body uses up the reserves for energy or by burning down the calories through physical activity.

There are the top two significant factors that can help in reducing the extra fat from the body, and yes, not any sole factor can work or can work extra in the absence of others. Let’s understand the functions of each element in weight loss:      

Exercise or any physical activity increases the metabolism rate of the body. Working out burns the calories in the body and helps to maintain only the required amount of calories to provide energy, thus increases the lean body mass and reduces the extra mass present.

The focus of exercising is to cut down the stored up fats in the body, which happens when the body starts using these fats to provide energy instead of the calories intaken. But even if you exercise intending to cut down calories and keep adding calories every day thinking you are anyway burning it, then it does not work that way, and there comes the importance of diet.

Diet means a balanced food intake that consists of good carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, and other nutrients. But when we consume less nutritious food, the body cannot absorb the fresh content and thus start-up piling the new food into fats.

So, now when we say that we are anyway doing exercise to burn the fat and then keep eating unhealthy food, this exercise becomes pointless. A healthy diet, along with exercise practice, is a lifestyle that anyone needs to choose on the journey of weight loss.

How Weight loss connects to Diet and Exercise

The reason is pretty apparent that exercise and diet both are important for weight loss and not the sole factor can work because during work out the body burns out the calories, if we want to burn fat, then we have to break the chain of adding more fats to the pile. So, if we consume more nutritious food, the body turns it into glucose, and because it has less to no waste, it does not let the fat get added in a pile. Let’s understand how both the factors function with each other simultaneously:
Calories consumption vs. calories burnMajorly when a person has gained a lot of weight, he/she has realized it at a very later stage as we tend to ignore the initial stages where we have gained a few pounds. Similarly, while eating, we do not measure our portions from the very start. But at the point when these smaller cheats have grown into big belly fat, that’s when we realize we need to lose those extra pounds.

For instance, let’s consider that you are following a strict diet for six days of the week, and anyone day you ate something that had zero nutritional value, bad carbs, and unhealthy fat thinking, your exercise will burn that. No, this doesn’t work. Remember, while losing weight, your body tries to burn the fats that are already present to provide the energy. Still, if you keep giving the body more calories with fewer nutrients, it will focus on those calories and forget about the stored fats. Moreover, the food that you had eaten with fewer nutrients had unhealthy contents that added up to the pile too.  

So the functioning is together. Eating healthy means choosing a diet that has more nutritional value and can help the body to keep it clean and process the stored up fat through exercising and work out.

Nutritional intake vs. replenishment
The food we eat adds up to the quality of living, and become what we eat, and when we work out, our body burns out calories and opens up space for food. Exercising is also said to remove toxic elements of the body. So, the food we eat after the exercise is a kind of replenishment to the body.

So, the higher the nutritional profile of the food, you eat more the better quality of our body to replenish every day so, if exercise helps in leaning the muscles, then the nutrients from the food help in strengthening them by absorbing calcium. 
Energy vs. Workout

The primary goal of the food we eat is to gain energy from it. The food that we consume is converted into glucose and runs through our blood to provide energy to us to carry out various activities. Our body needs all kinds of nutrients right from proteins to vitamins that structure our body and mechanism. Also, the diet has a direct connection with our mental health. So, the food consumed increases the strength of the body.

On the other hand, if we work out, our body burns the calories and also uses the same energy produced earlier. Workouts do exhaust the collection and make us feel tired. If due to less nutritional food body fails to produce adequate energy, there are high chances you might start feeling sluggish after the workout session. So, the workout won’t be able to provide you freshness or fitness in this case.
Hence, if you are working out, a healthy diet is a must for the body’s nutritional value. It is strengthening after the energy is being used up for the workout or during the exercise too. 


From the overall importance of the top two factors, i.e., Exercise and Diet, we have understood that weight loss is dependent on the food we consume and the amount of nutritional value it owns. Further, the body’s quality is defined based on how the calories burn, or they are left to pile up as fats. So, if you have already consumed fats in more copious amounts, and you are now trying to lose weight with the help of exercise, then there should be a thorough check on the number calories you are consuming right now plus the food’s nutritional profile.

No doubt, exercise can reduce the weight, but no exercise or exercises from the overall world cannot reduce the weight if your nutrition is out of whack. The healthy workout foods revolve around balanced healthy carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, and fruits that not only give your body the energy but also help in maintaining the weight by not increasing the body fats and thus helping you lose weight.

But, while all this is not an onetime process, this has to become a lifestyle even if you reach the point when you have achieved the desired target of weight loss. Does this mean you cannot eat junk food or that favorite hamburger for the rest of your life? You can eat all that you want to but occasionally and with portion control, and only then will you be able to consume this without a negative effect on the health.


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